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Southern Fauquier Historical Society, Inc.
Our Mission


Southern Fauquier Historical Society, Inc. is a group of everyday people that joined together for the purpose of documentation, preservation, and education of future generations on the history, culture and growth of Fauquier County and the surrounding areas.  Our interest are not limited to one period time, culture or interest.  Our purpose is to promote the belief that a community’s history is an integrated fabric of both physical and social elements embracing all social, cultural and ethnic groups woven together through a series of events.  The factual presentation of these events without censorship or revisionism is critical to preserving our heritage.


To this purpose we strive to preserve artifacts and develop a document repository for education; continue through public awareness, the documentation, survey, and preservation of existing historical resources; conduct on going educational and workshop programs related to the history of Fauquier County in schools and in other public gatherings; and provide a venue for researchers and genealogist to both research and share their findings with other lay and professional historians.


 We hope you will join us.

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October 25, 2014 
SFHS Members with the help of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Black Horse Camp#780  and the Fauquier Family Cemetery Foundation to install tombstone for Pvt. Owen Reynolds near Catlett after 152 years in an unmarked grave.  Family Members from New York and Richmond attended .

Elk Run Bus Tours 

Bus Tour at Elk Run July 2014

Ed Wenger escorts Mrs Madison on to opening of Museum Exhibit

Eustace family holds the Fort at Heritage Day and shares our history

SFHS has no central meeting house.  Meetings are held at various locations based on the topic and availability of the venue. 
Locations and maps are provided by each Topic. 
Contact Information:
Meeting topics and Membership 
Volunteer Answering Service /Phone: 540-439-3303

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We have no Meetings scheduled. 1/2017

 **** No Dues - No Fees ****                                
The SFHS Board voted unanimously at the October 2015 to discontinue the collection of membership dues.  We return to a Membership by participation status.  To be a member of SFHS only requires attendance at meetings or an Annual donation that is within your budget to give. 

 Have a project or a cemetery your working on and need some help, give us a call. 

Our Format has Changed !!!!!

On Oct. 20th, 2015 the Board voted to change the Format of our meetings.  
There was a consensus that the Friends of History need more time to get together and talk about history. Than lectures, and visiting the historical sites and homes in the County is most important. 
Meetings will now be held quarterly, in January, October, April, and July.  Locations will vary based on the topic and presenter, and at least one additional gathering of friends to eat and talk will be planned.

Society members sharing history 

Visiting at Sumerduck Community Picnic Day

The Fauquier Family Cemetery Foundation, Inc, is established to provide a resource to the land owners and descendants of family cemeteries to have a reliable overseer in the community monitoring and in some cases doing light maintenance of the independent cemeteries on private property through the county. 
The fledgling Foundation is working on documents, e-mails, websites, and links will be added soon. For more information contact:
Lory Payne @ 540-439-3303.   or e-mail us at FFCF2012@gmail.com

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